👤 About

👋 Hi, I'm Jason!

I'm a software developer currently based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I'm happily married and have two wonderful daughters. I enjoy cycling, hiking, camping, learning about new technology, and contributing to open source software.

👨‍💻 Open Source

I think open source software is awesome. In the fall of 2022, I started contributing to Immich, an open source, self-hosted photo and video management solution. That has been a really fun project. I have mostly focused on server development and to date, I have contributed over 500 pull requests, including:

  • OIDC/OAuth integration
  • API keys
  • Authorized devices
  • Admin command line interface
  • The Milestones page
  • User quotas
  • Container reduction efforts
  • API end-to-end testing
  • 80% unit test coverage for the server codebase

🖥️ Self Hosting

I run my own server at home! Some of the applications that I run there include this website, Immich, SyncThing, Plex, and others.